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    House Rules

    Most of our events follow the same general set of rules. Special events, however, may have exceptions or additions to these rules as appropriate.  

    These will be noted in event announcements and posted on-site. When in doubt, please ask.

    These are the general guidelines unless otherwise publicly posted.

    The Dungeon Monitors word is the final word, please respect this!

    1. Please arrive and leave in street clothes.  If stepping out of the building, please cover up and act appropriately.
    2. All attendees to any event (public or private) must be at least 19 years of age or older.
    3. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are permitted on-site.
    4. No photography unless specifically approved by the Dungeon Monitor (DM) beforehand AND with the express consent of all persons in the photo.
    5. No cell phone use is allowed in the social and dungeon areas.  Cell phones may only be used in the front foyer area.
    6. Penetrative sex (Vaginal, Anal, Oral) is not permitted.
    7. Universal SAFE word is “Red”.  Red means STOP!   All play with regards to the scene must stop until the issue is resolved.
    8. Nudity is not permitted.
    9. No scat or water sports.   Other forms of edge play (fire play, knives/blades, piercings, or play involving masks or gags) may be permitted by the DM upon discussion first.  All forms of edge play will be at the discretion of the DM.
    10. All play must follow the basic rules of safe, sane and consensual. NO means NO.  Do not touch other people's toys (human or otherwise!) without the owner's permission.
    11. Semi-private rooms may be booked in advance by using the sign-up sheets at the canteen.
    12. Maximum 45-minute scene on the equipment unless otherwise agreed upon by the DM.  Please notify the DM when you are starting a scene, especially in the common area around the suspension area.  Please avoid the area around the suspension points when there is a scene in play.  The DM will ask you to move away if necessary.  Please do so quietly and respectfully.
    13. The Dungeon Monitor (DM) is the official representative of the Society of Bastet for the duration of their shift.  Please respect their authority.

    Guests and members are expected to clean up the equipment, play, and social areas after use.

    Anyone found breaking these rules will receive ONE warning by the Dungeon Monitor and then will be asked to leave.