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    Etiquette Guidelines

     For All Members and Guests

     In an effort to enhance the experience of all who attend Bastet, these guidelines are being set out in addition to the rules of the club. 

    • Respect the club rules – don’t make the DM constantly remind you of them – they are posted on the bulletin board if you don’t remember them.
    • Treat everyone with respect – you don’t have to be everyone’s friend, but try to keep personal issues outside the club and do not belittle any fetish/kink that you may not appreciate or understand.  Also note that there are transgendered people who are members who deserve to have their gender identity respected.
    • Respect procedures and policy regarding booking of the three private rooms during play parties – do not open a closed door unless you are the DM on duty. 
    • Keep your personal gear in the hall closet or in the common room, not the private rooms.
    • Personal hygiene is important, arrive at the club clean, and keep yourself clean while you are there – if you have a particularly intense play session or are someone who sweats a lot, take a minute to freshen up from time to time.
    • Keep scents and scented products to a minimum, many people have sensitivities.
    • Clean up after yourself – if you have a snack or a drink, put your trash in the garbage cans and your empty cans/bottles in the recycling located at the canteen.
    • Clean up room and dungeon equipment after using.  Dispose of or take with you any consumables that you used.
    • If you see a scene going on in the common area, try to avoid disrupting it as much as possible.
    • As a courtesy, if you notice someone coming into the common area who has obviously just come from a scene, make room on the sofa for them.
    • The private room near the bathroom is NOT a sub-drop room.  It is a bookable play space; however, it is reserved for quiet play or aftercare when booked.
    • Please keep the noise levels down in the hallway as the noise can be distracting to those having scenes in the dungeon area and the private rooms.
    • Do not plug in your cell phones to charge in any of the private rooms.  If absolutely necessary there are plugs available in the common room, but you should not expect to use Bastet's electricity for this purpose.