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    Party Events

    All play parties are limited to members and guests 19 and over.   

    The club hosts regular play parties every Saturday evening, and two Friday night play parties - R.A.C.K. Night and Freakishly Fantastic Friday, from 8:00 pm - 2:00 am.    

    For those who are curious about Bastet and want to learn more about us, Orientation is held on the first Saturday of every month from 6:30-8:00 pm. The cost is only $5 and you can stay for the play party afterwards for no extra fees.

    For non-play events, such as educational discussions, movie nights, TnG events, community meetings, etc, we allow ages 18 and over, but there is NO play at these events.  


    Admission to play parties is $15 for members and $20 for guests.  Students showing a valid school or  university ID will receive a $5 discount. 

    School of Kink events run from $2-$10 for members, depending on the class.  Discussions are usually $2, classes are $5, and craft nights may cost more depending on what supplies are required. Higher rates apply for non-members, but these events are open to the general public.  Individual prices are listed on the Calendar where appropriate.

    Membership in the Society is $15 per year. This entitles you to vote at our General Meetings, enjoy discounted rates at the door, be able to book the themed rooms during play parties, and be able to book the space for private events.  We also have a number of discounts from various vendors you can take advantage of, by simply showing them your membership card.  Details on the Member Perks/Links page.

    Private Rentals - For members only, the space is available for rent at $15 per hour. Additional details are on our Private Rentals.

    Special events may have different pricing and they will be posted on the calendar.

    Friday Party Details

    The first Friday of every month is R.A.C.K. Night!
    Saturday night play parties at Bastet offer a wonderful opportunity to play, socialize, and learn but with such a varied mix of kinks, tastes and experience sometimes those who enjoy the more intense, darker side of BDSM feel an obligation to scale their play back so as not to offend or scare anyone.

    R.A.C.K. = Risk Aware Consensual Kink = Those involved in the scene know there is an inherent risk involved in the activity they are participating in and have made the decision to take that risk.

    R.A.C.K. Night is not a regular play party event, it is a night where heavier, more experienced players can feel free to scene without worrying about emotionally damaging those who are new to the scene or are not comfortable with some of the edgier types of play.

    Some of the things possibly seen on a R.A.C.K. Night may include:
    Blood (knife play, needles, hard whipping)/Breath Play
    Tears/Sobbing/ Pleading/True Distress
    Public Degradation/Humiliation

    If any of this may cause you unwanted distress, please make the right decision and avoid this event.

    For those of you who are interested in attending, be aware that you are solely responsible for your own safety.

    Safe words MUST be in place for all scenes.
    RED will be accepted as a universal safe word and MUST be respected at all times.

    This is members only event. If you are a member and wish to bring a guest, you may do so, but this is limited to one guest per member. You you are completely responsible for the guest you sign in. No unaccompanied guest will be admitted for R.A.C.K. Night, as this is one of the benefits of membership.

    Specially trained R.A.C.K. DMs and Door Volunteers are required for this event.  

    As with all club events, this event is limited to those 19 yrs or over.

    The Third Friday of every month is Freakishly Fantastic Friday!

    Come and get your freak on for Freakishly Fantastic Fridays!  We open the playspace to accommodate members and guests who are unable to attend a Saturday party.  Besides, two play parties are better than one!

    We also have our educational committee, or School of Kink, that offers hands on training of such things like rope, flogging, etc.  There are also discussion groups that we host that include polyamory, humiliation, or what BDSM is in varying aspects.

    All events and private bookings are located on our calendar so check it out.