About Us

Welcome to Bastet

The Society of Bastet is an alternative lifestyles community that is accepting, inclusive, and caters to all forms of practicing kinksters/fetishists. We had operated a volunteer-run, non-profit play space or ‘dungeon’ in Halifax, Nova Scotia for five years and sadly will be closing our doors on July 31, 2014.   We prided ourselves on being active in our community and offered weekly play parties, as well as regular School of Kink classes and numerous other community-related events.

Our current facility, located at 2683 Fern Lane in Halifax, Nova Scotia, became too small and as such, we sought a new premises until July 31, 2014  when our lease was up.  Since we have not found a suitable location, we will be going online to offer podcasts, until we find a suitable location to come together.

We were the first club of its kind in Nova Scotia and the longest running kink organization in the Maritimes.  We hope to share and grow with our community for years to come in one form or another. It doesn’t take a building for a community to grow, it takes the people within it to make it strong.