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    Welcome to Bastet

    The Society of Bastet is an alternative lifestyles community that is accepting, inclusive, and caters to all forms of practicing kinksters/fetishists. We operate a volunteer-run, non-profit play space or ‘dungeon’ in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   We pride ourselves on being active in our community and offer weekly play parties, as well as regular School of Kink classes and numerous other community-related events.  Our current facility is located at 2683 Fern Lane in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Just look for the red door and walk through!  You'll be glad you did.

    Make yourself comfortable at the (non-alcoholic) bar, relax and socialize in the common sitting area to discuss your kinks or learn something new hands-on, or wander down the hallway and view our members doing what we do best through the window in our main ‘dungeon’ area.  If you are fortunate enough and have the gleam in your eye, you may be invited in to have a taste of the excitement that we all love!  Play at your own pace and have fun.

    We are the first club of its kind in Nova Scotia and the longest running organization in the Maritimes.  We hope to share and grow with our community for years to come.  

    Want to know what is happening at the club?  Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming orientations, School of Kink classes, or play parties.  Just click on the details (as we have them) for more information.

    Special community events can be found on the Highlights page.

    Follow us on Twitter!  @KinkHalifax

    Members Only - if you wish to book the playspace, please e-mail: info@societyofbastet.com.  Don't forget to check the Calendar first for space availability. 

    Want to learn how to become a member?  If you have any comments or questions, please send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!  For suggestions, submissions for our agenda under new business, or information about upcoming general meetings, please contact our Board of Directors at board@societyofbastet.com.